Based in the New York City, Deep QuanTech is devoted to the seamless integration of modern internet/mobile technologies and deep quantitative strategies, including mathematical, statistical, and machine learning methodologies.

The primary focus areas are:

    A. FinTech - Electronic and algorithmic trading in modern financial markets

    B. SciTech - Imaging science, vision science, and applications in autonomous controls

    C. EduTech- K-12 education, and continued education for professionals, esp. on data and ML

Our main deliverables include:

    I.   Online or mobile publications and contents, that help disseminate these focus areas

    II.  Mobile Apps, and online or standalone software that help advance these focus areas

    III. Advisory or consultancy, in the areas of Algorithmic Trading, and Imaging and Vision Sciences

    IV. Online/mobile courses and multimedia, that contribute to K-12 and continued education

Besides ''Quantitative'' and ''Technology,'' deep down, we never forget that we are ``Humans.''